Kid and Family Photography

Small or even bigger children and their parents and grandparents. This is the view that everybody should include in their photo album. Children grow up quickly and it might be annoying later if you don’t have a photo about their family. Kids are kids just for a while. These moments are unique, so book photographer now! Images of children bring joy to parents, grandparents and children themselves when they grow up.

Baby photography can be scheduled even after birth. The best results about newborn photography are when the baby is less than two weeks old. Older children are moving all the time and they don’t listen instructions. So it’s better let they do what they are doing. It’s good idea to bring a favorite toy with them. It’s better to shoot them when they’re fresh and well slept.

Even kid has been sleeping before the photography they usually like to pose less than 30 minutes. If you like to get family photo at same time it’s better to take begin of the session.

Kids are kids just for a while. These moments are unique, so book photographer now!

Kid and family photography can be arranged at your home, here in Ii or somewhere else. It’s recommend that both parents are available. Kid might be shy or feel uncomfortable in strange place. We can have photography session outdoors or indoors depending the situation. If we shoot outdoors the best time is in the morning or evening. Light is very hard during midday if sun is shining. It’s possible to shoot in shiny day but then we have to be careful with the location. Outdoor locations are usually better but we can take photos also inside. I can use background carton if needed.

I took about 100 – 300 photos during the session. After elimination of poor ones you’ll see about 30 - 50 images where you’ll select 5 best images.

Customer get 5 carefully post-processed portrait images. All the images and in color, sepia but also in black and white. DVD will include low and high resolution images. Besides DVD you’ll get a private web gallery for six months.


Full color, full tone.

Black & White

Traditional gray scale picture.


Old style toned.

If you feel that 5 images are too few we can make a deal of more portraits. I can process more images at rate 15 € / image. You’ll get also color, sepia and b&w files about these extra images.

  • Photos delivered 5
  • Extra photo 15 €
  • Travel costs up to 50 km
  • Private web gallery for 6 months
  • Free access rights
  • Commercial usage

Price: 150 €

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