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Digital workflow - Examination Portfolio in Photography (Approved)


Task 11: Written assignment. (Approved)

In Finnish only.

Handle at least the following:

  • Describe: file formats, color space, white balance
  • Backup
  • Post-processing: adjustment, metadata, bit depth, archiving
  • Picture for the end user: print, web, color profiles, resolution

Task 12: Self-portrait (Approved)

Take two self-portraits. At least one is a full body image on location.


Task 13: Action. 3-5 photos about the same activity. (Approved)

The jury liked very much about this series. Interesting story has been achieved in low and mixed light.

Warm humour. You can feel emotions, well done. Sympathetic pictures and colors.



Task 14: Photomontage or collage. (Approved)

A well-executed. Car could have been a little lower. Realism and reality connect to unreality. It is therefore an important reality.


Task 15: Scanning (Approved)



Examination Day Task 16: Tornio 24 h (Approved)

An English general magazine writes series of articles about the Nordic cities. Article topic is “Tornio 24 h”. Introduce the topic from your choice and the perspective. Write metadata in English and captions in English or Finnish.

Deliver photos within 24 hours to jury.

A clear perspective. High-quality artwork. Functional series.

Tornio 24h

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