Kristiina & Sampo - 22 October 2016

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Portraits on location

Kristiina and Sampo got themselves end of the autumn and it was a bit challenging.

I had a plan to shoot portraits in Kempele in Vihiluoto harbour. Weather was pretty cold, just couple of degrees above zero. I had enough warm clothes so it wasn’t a big problem to the photographer. But Kristiina and Sampo hadn’t so thick clothes and I think they didn’t feel so warm. We got a light rain for a while but luckily it stopped as fast as it has started. Young couple was brave and we got a nice set of different poses. Vihiluoto seem to be famous place for wedding portrait. Other couple was there already for portraits session.

Kristiina and Sampo got all the photos in colour, black and white and in sepia. See more information about wedding portraits on location.

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