On Location Photography

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On Location Photography - Examination Portfolio in Photography (Approved)


Task 6: Photo Reportage, which contains 5-8 pictures (Approved)

The jury seemed to like this much. The main person appears only in three photos but it’s very fine.

Graduation Party


Task 7: Location. 3-5 images of the same location. (Approved)

Location can be indoor or outdoor location. In general, the interior is good to locate with outdoor image. Also details are part of the location.


Task 8: On Location Portrait, 3-5 pictures of the same person. (Approved)

One of the most common assignments for photographer is to take photos about a person of his/her everyday life, at home or at work.



Task 9: Landscape. The same scene in different light conditions, 3-5 images. (Approved)

Laitakari in Ii, Finland

Examination Day Task 10: On Location Photography (Approved)

Get 3-5 images about the Victoria Square for a newspaper. Deliver photos within 24 hours to jury.

Victoria Square

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